a christian’s mind

A Christian’s mind; First let’s start with the persecution line Christians will use when they lose a battle of conversation with an atheist. They most certainly have a win, win situation since if the win the argument it’s good and if they don’t they are being persecuted and again I win since Jesus is happy. That is how Christianity has evolved, by eliminating the if’s that don’t favor them and making the illusion that however the cards might roll you still win. If you can never lose and you will always win why would you feel uncomfortable? How do you know right from wrong in such a world, when there is an eye for an eye vs. smack this cheek and then smack the other. First thing is a Christian who is happy to be persecuted, when you lose an argument this is no persecution and if you are so much into this I warn you that they burnt and killed people and unless you have a death wish I’d advice you to reconsider the meaning of the word and the fact that the dark ages has come to an end I think you will always be looking for a persecutor. The more ironic thing is the persecuted became the persecutors when they started killing witches, cats and who knows what else I don’t know or had been prohibited from going into the history books (the Romans that killed Christians ironically enforced it to the happy smile of a Christian), I am certainly happy the church lost it’s grip.
Ask yourself of this two dreams which sounds better? A world where everyone is a rational or religious, a world where mostly people are thinkers or faith followers. In the scientific world we would solve a lot of problems and the second choice of religious people was there and it was bloody the dark ages. Then the fact that I am proud of countries that will not take religious content into consideration or help in ruling since they are the serpent that hisses to soothe but bites the children as they sleep, the church says it’s good but it’s laws certainly aren’t. I don’t look forward to being a religious believer with a good reason but I am interested if gods exists but that certainly doesn’t mean I will worship them since they need to prove they are worth worshipping.

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Howto cure all known diseases and disorders

The Horus DNA; Possible cure for human diseases, disorders and stop hunger
By: Samuel Muiruri, © 2009
The formation of new genes is a primary driving force of evolution in all organisms. How can it help us cure diseases, stop hunger among other possibilities?
Mutation is the driving force of survival from ever changing environmental pressure, my research shows mutation brings about resistant genes and improvements such as sickle cell which is dominant only in mosquito infested areas. The controlled yet ‘random’ procedure can be used to our advantage using the chaos theory which shows in highly expected random behavior which are controlled by constants there is an underlying order which can be shown. Chaos theory mostly is shown by computer models and mathematical formula and graphs. Mutation has been shown to be hard to predict therefore random but the final result predictable therefore applies to the chaos theory. By using the chaos theory on mutation can be seen to follow it’s common path therefore have clear knowledge of mutation.
Chaos theory and Mutation
Mutation as mini evolution aims at adapting to new environment in terms of opportunities and problems by creating genes which are expressed as traits to help increase chances of survival of a species. Generally there are adverse mutations which shuts off biological functions of a being and those less or not adverse which continue on till the final composition gives rise to a trait will increase the chances of the species of survival. Mutation as a whole has been observed and documented and it’s results can be predicted with the end in mind. In between the process of mutation are the adverse mutations which gie rise to genetic diseases such as cancer, asthma etc. It is possible for cells to maintain the same histone code and DNA methylation patterns through many cell divisions. This persistence without reliance on base pairing is called epigenetics, and there is abundant evidence that epigenetic changes cause many human diseases.
The chaos theory works on the facts that in the midst of considered chaotic events are orderly patterns which unlike the term ‘chaos/random’ which should not have pattern, chaotic events if they abide to the chaos theory can be seen to follow a designed path, chaos theory is really about finding the underlying order in apparently random data. According to the number of events that apply to the chaos theory such as; ‘random’ pattern of beats in the heart, dripping water, weather patters, etc. The knowledge is used to predict further up the graph and therefore the randomness of it becomes predictable and therefore can be studied.
How mutation occurs
Mutations are changes in the genetic sequence, and they are a main cause of diversity among organisms. These changes occur at many different levels, and they can have widely differing consequences. It is mostly considered in biological systems that are capable of reproduction, considering first if they are heritable; specifically, since some mutations affect only the individual that carries them, while others affect all of the carrier organism’s offspring, and further descendants. For mutations to affect an organism’s descendants, they must occur in cells that produce the next generation, and affect the hereditary material. Ultimately, the interplay between inherited mutations and environmental pressures generates diversity among species.
Although various types of molecular changes exist, the word “mutation” typically refers to a change that affects the nucleic acids. In cellular organisms, these nucleic acids are the building blocks of DNA, and in viruses they are the building blocks of either DNA or RNA. Mutation occurs in eukaryotes and prokaryotes (single celled or multi cellular organisms) but it is more rapid and beneficial in prokaryotes therefore they have more beneficial mutants than the multicellular organisms.
To the best of our knowledge, the consequences of a mutation have no influence whatsoever on the probability that this mutation will or will not occur. In other words, mutations occur randomly with respect to whether their effects are useful. Thus, beneficial DNA changes do not happen more often simply because an organism could benefit from them.
A single mutation can have a large effect, but in many cases, evolutionary change is based on the accumulation of many mutations with small effects. Mutational effects can be beneficial, harmful, or neutral, depending on their context or location. Most non-neutral mutations are deleterious. In general, the more base pairs that are affected by a mutation, the larger the effect of the mutation, and the larger the mutation’s probability of being deleterious.
How the chaos theory works
The chaos theory is based on Edward Lorenz who on trying to predict weather with a computer model came to find that some preconceived notions such as numbers to the six digit decimal cant affect the outcome the result of a formula by much. It was in finding the chaos that he tried to understand it bringing forth the chaos theory and starting the continued examination of chaotic systems. It is the expectations of anyone who endeavors in this to show the considered chaotic system is actually a complex but orderly system. An example is an employee of IBM, Benoit Mandelbrot was a mathematician studying this self-similarity. One of the areas he was studying was cotton price fluctuations. No matter how the data on cotton prices was analyzed, the results did not fit the normal distribution. Mandelbrot eventually obtained all of the available data on cotton prices, dating back to 1900. When he analyzed the data with IBM’s computers, he noticed an astonishing fact: The numbers that produced aberrations from the point of view of normal distribution produced symmetry from the point of view of scaling. Each particular price change was random and unpredictable. But the sequence of changes was independent on scale: curves for daily price changes and monthly price changes matched perfectly. Incredibly, analyzed Mandelbrot’s way, the degree of variation had remained constant over a tumultuous sixty-year period that saw two World Wars and a depression. Another is when many scientists were exploring equations that created fractal equations. The most famous fractal image is also one of the most simple. It is known as the Mandelbrot set (pictures of the mandelbrot set). The equation is simple: z=z2+c. To see if a point is part of the Mandelbrot set, just take a complex number z. Square it, then add the original number. Square the result, then add the original number. Repeat that ad infinitum, and if the number keeps on going up to infinity, it is not part of the Mandelbrot set. If it stays down below a certain level, it is part of the Mandelbrot set.
Chaos theory works on the fact that order could be in otherwise considered chaotic figures and examples and the best example is the Lorenz attractor.
Bringing mutation into chaos theory together
Mutation is not random in respect to the various effects it has; mutation is a constant battle to be the fittest in accordance with Darwin’s natural selection theory. To expand the view, mutation is a process where competing species keep on evolving to try and have the upper hand, it is a process where eukaryotes get immunity to a prokaryote which in turn mutates to gain the upper hand it previously had. The formation of new genes is a primary driving force of evolution in all organisms. It is the new genes formed that are called mutation and in accordance to the evolution theory which shows a clear understanding of organism adapting to the environment, the mutation that follows like the sickle cell in malaria zone and lack of in malaria free zones shows the commonly seen as random mutation can only be considered random if expected to be fully beneficial. Some mutation are harmful and others to adverse to even allow the being to exist.
Chaos theory works on finding and predicting behavior of considered chaotic systems such as; Lorenz’s experiment, at the top, water drips steadily into containers hanging on the wheel’s rim. Each container drips steadily from a small hole. If the stream of water is slow, the top containers never fill fast enough to overcome friction, but if the stream is faster, the weight starts to turn the wheel. The rotation might become continuous. Or if the stream is so fast that the heavy containers swing all the way around the bottom and up the other side, the wheel might then slow, stop, and reverse its rotation, turning first one way and then the other. the equations for this system also seemed to give rise to entirely random behavior. However, when he graphed it, a surprising thing happened. The output always stayed on a curve, a double spiral. There were only two kinds of order previously known: a steady state, in which the variables never change, and periodic behavior, in which the system goes into a loop, repeating itself indefinitely. Lorenz’s equations were definitely ordered – they always followed a spiral. They never settled down to a single point, but since they never repeated the same thing, they weren’t periodic either. He called the image he got when he graphed the equations the Lorenz attractor.
Using the fact that chaos theory works and can show patterns in chaotic system I considered the following; having a clear knowledge of the DNA and the way it interacts with the environment to have a simulation of it on a computer. The environment is interpreted and a list of possible solutions are formulated ergo mutation and lots of changes in the DNA. To represent this consider two rings, the first ring representing the environment which is thicker and the second as the DNA as thinner and able to land comfortably on top of the first ring.

The environment The DNA
As it shows, the DNA ring when placed on top of the environment ring will be able to stay on top, all living beings have the ability to visualize this ring; they visualize it through the possible threats and potential it has. After drafting it they then look at they own ring as the DNA, if it is too small it would fall through (it can die of due to competition) and if it’s too big it can also fall through (expects too much from the environment). The environmental changes bringing in new pressures. As the environmental circle shrinks or expands the DNA is follows it in step. Mutation can be said to be ‘random’ guesses trying to fall on to the environment circle. Convergent evolution is a clear example of how different species can depict a set of genes which are expressed as the same trait to adapt to an environment. As these two shows they must understand what the environment has to offer and they follow a similar path, random doesn’t follow a path but the results may simulate such. Take for example these numbers; 50.29 , 201.14, 176.79 , 191.24 , 196.15 and 167.48 with another set; 4, 8, 7.5, 7.8, 7.9 which can be seem random but they are all linked to the formula of ‘area of a circle’. They range from 4 to 8 and this hoes how chaos theory could find the apparent order in chaos, in this case the equation for the area of a circle is the common link. Mutation as a process that tries to keep in step with the environmental changes can be simulated as a ‘guess work’ of using a pattern to try and find the desired answer, in this case 195.

This formula as the equation for finding the area of a circle is what the DNA uses, it guesses random figures as ‘r’ to try and get ‘A’ which is 195. by mere continuous but limited to a number of digits and which grows lesser by eliminating the extremes and finally coming up with the expected advancement which are expressed as genes. Take for example the right number that will equal 195 is 7.876894 then the continuous guesses ‘mutation’ is likely to a figure close to it or it.

If different species can have a common idea ‘convergent evolution’ then they must know what to do and how to therefore my formula for gene creation. The idea is to have a virtual construct of the mutation process which can accept new data such as environmental pressures.
Horus DNA
The computer model when online will now be able to simulate every possible gene just as Lorenz’s model could predict what the weather might be. All the new genes can then be run through analyzed through the records of gene defects to find it’s risks such as cancerous. It will be introduced to new problems such as HIV virus and all possible solutions are analyzed, with a higher rate of virtual mutation than the average human the computer model can and will be able to come up with hybrid virtual mutants faster than the record keeping pathogens.
As the evolution tree shows the virtual mutants will become more diverse and less human as they go on, to prevent this the tree evolution is used where the mutation of every single DNA of every known species is used virtually and each possible gene to counter the environmental pressure will take lesser time therefore less virtual mutation.
Advantage of the model is every positive mutation that occurs but never passes on through to the next generation due to deleterious mutation or not being in the germ line. The adverse mutants since not alive will be labeled as volatile and left to continue mutating to find if they could come up with better genes such as an anti-cancer gene. By doing so no living being is subjected to risky tests and the more accurate mutation would take less time to figure out.
The existing virtual beings could be subjected to a backward mutation collecting DNA history lost due to deleterious mutation, as far as the ecological history remains constant the models should be able to go back in time and backward through evolution to the extinct species such as dinosaurs and as it does it can climb back up through branches that are considered full of potential and expanding them more.
The Horus DNA will represent the final tree which includes the prokaryotes, it would not only make it easier for us to make genes to cure illness and disorders plus change aspects of our biology it can also predict the possible threat genes by any of the known species and a counter gene developed. In theory this is the Horus DNA since it knows all and sees all.
To carry the genes, scientists in Korea have created an artificial virus that can target the nucleus of cancer cells and knock out specific genes and carry genes too. Nanotechnology has developed to a point where changing a person’s chemical make up is possible.
Other Possibilities
When the linking of gene to trait is finished then a DNA could be expressed as the expected structural appearance of the being, with a DNA sample you could create the picture of the person. This can help in identifying people in investigations, and possibly reverse tracking where the DNA of an unknown person a model of him made can also be used through the Horus DNA to find siblings related to.
Cancerous cells have a common trait of spontaneous division which is caused by mutation, when the model increases the effectiveness of the gene(s) it can help stop hunger. By immersing live tissues into a tub of nutrients with the non pathogenic virus once infected would use the vast nutrient supply to multiply rapidly and assured they have access to the nutrients the process shouldn’t stop. The tissue can then with time having increased in size be sliced to allow access to the nutrients and some taken disinfected out to be sold. Cancerous tissue are safe to eat and could be rendered completely safe by having another set of virus take the cancerous gene or add a dominant non cancerous gene.
The Horus DNA will be able to store the chemical make up of known species including of some of the extinct allowing when technology of cloning perfected to bring back extinct species and change the DNA of existing species to increase their chance of survival if deleterious mutation is endangering them.
Pharmacogenetics is the study of single-gene drug interactions, and pharmacogenomics focuses on many genes and their interactions with drugs. Hundreds of thousands of people die each year as a result of adverse drug reactions, which could be due to multiple factors, including disease determinants, environmental exposure, and genetic factors. Researchers in these fields are undertaking studies on the genetic personalization of drug responses in an effort termed “personalized medicine” (Shastry, 2006). The computer model can increase the chances of people knowing the drugs they could have adverse effects with and new drugs could be run through the model to determine it’s success rate.
The genes could have adverse effects that might not have been expected and need to be tested first before being introduced to the general population. Concerns on changing our genetic make up by suggesting the possible disaster scenario’s. Though judging the prospect of taking on the project, the advantages outweigh the possible disadvantages.
Genetic engineering is tested on animals, often including primates. Some animal rights activists find this inhumane.
Genetic modification of embryos can pose an ethical question about the rights of the baby.
The search for cure of diseases and disorders has always led to the study of the DNA, this is a chance to walk in the shoes of evolution and give insight for further research and change the lives of people. One belief is that every fetus should be free to not be genetically modified. Others believe that parents hold the rights to change their unborn children. Still others believe that every child should have the right to be born free from preventable diseases. The ability to design a living organism to live on other planets and to change ours smoothly to a new environment. The prospect of understanding how things work is based on trying to mimic and change them to our advantage, as any other field of study ethics shouldn’t be a barrier but a rule on how to conduct research.

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